Thalía Sodi’s success in Fashion and Business World

Thalía Sodi is not only successful in music and acting, but also in fashion and business. In 2015, she launched her clothing and accessories collection in collaboration with Macy’s and had the opportunity to ring the bell to start the day at the New York Stock Exchange on January 29, 2015.

Thalía Sodi Collection

The Thalía Sodi Collection is her foray as a designer, and she felt proud to represent the Hispanic community. She managed to make her name a brand on which all kinds of products and projects revolve, such as her line of clothing and shoes and her beauty products.

Making her Name a Brand

Her business project began in 1995 when Vicky Form, a lingerie manufacturer of the Mexican Grupo Industrial Zaga, proposed an association that lasted five years. She was involved in the entire process from visiting the plants, drafting the commercial agreement, designing the lingerie, which became a sales success. Thalía Sodi is a brand of clothing, accessories, and household items that began to be distributed in Kmart supermarkets, where she entered American homes through a game of 200-thread sheets or t-shirts with silk and sequin appliqués or earrings that reached the shoulders, all in bright colors or colorful prints.

Thalía Eyewear

The Thalía Eyewear line of glasses became another success, and with an exclusive collection of sunglasses, it began to be sold in New York and soon after in 80 countries, exceeding 100 million dollars in sales with more than one million units four years after its launch.

Collaborations and Achievements

She also collaborated with Hershey’s as the official image of the brand and with brands like Carol’s Daughter, Head & Shoulders, Dr Pepper, and Victoria’s Secret. In 2015, Thalía Sodi Collection was launched, a clothing line designed by herself for the American chain Macy’s, with whom she created the Go red for women fashion show, an initiative to raise awareness of heart disease.

Thalía’s Entrepreneurial Creativity

Thalía has completely moved away from soap operas but not music, and it will be at the end of April when she presents Mixtape, the soundtrack of her life with songs. Her entrepreneurial creativity has led her to become one of the keynote speakers at the Latin American Business Conference organized by the Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan, on how to enter international markets and the power of social networks to create businesses that work globally and for the future of Latin American businesses.