Thalía Says She Was Born a ‘Psycho Bitch’ as She Drops New Song

Thalía tells PEOPLE about her latest single, finding fresh inspiration, using social media to connect with fans, the 30th anniversary of her Love album and more

Nearly one year after she dropped her 2021 album desAMORfosis, the Queen of Latin pop is back with more — and she’s fallen back in tune with her inner “psycho.”

Friday marks the release of Thalía’s newest single titled “Psycho Bitch.” Speaking to PEOPLE about the new song, the Mexican pop icon revealed why she identifies with its title — and how she continues to find inspiration in her legendary career.

“I was born a psycho bitch,” the 51-year-old “No Me Acuerdo” singer tells PEOPLE. “I just think that some people have it more than others. You can take it clinically, but my perspective is a little lighter. When you are different, when you are yourself, when you express yourself however you want to, whenever you want to do it — for some people that are cookie cutter style, you are different. You are weird.”

She continues, “They put you in a special tag, and that’s how you get called a psycho bitch. But it’s the way you are, you are authentic.”

For the music video, Thalía paid tribute to her 1995 song “Gracias a Dios” — where her character is “psychotic” — by dressing her dancers in the same outfit she wore in the video.

Ahead of the song’s release, Thalía teased it on social media by sharing a snippet with her fans — and turned it into a TikTok trend before the song even released.

“I think people are starting to get fun with it. I love social media because it keeps me so close to everybody and to all my followers,” the “Desde Esa Noche” singer says. “They accept me and like me the way I am, and we are in very close touch. We DM each other. That is something that I treasure. I appreciate being so close to my fandom.”

She continues, “It is really cool that you can just DM someone that is on the other side of the world, and then make a group with all these other creators. They’re very active right now creating a lot of things for ‘Psycho Bitch.’ My fans are psycho bitches like me, so we connect in that.”

Last month, Thalía celebrated the 30th anniversary of Love, and she says its timing is “crazy” and “full circle.”

“If you see some of the videos from that album, [they] are very, very PB [psycho bitch]. You see all the looks, the dancing and the interactions with the dancers. It’s really psycho bitch. So, I’m really happy that I’m touching base again with a part of me that has been there for so many years, for so many projects, through so many albums, through so many songs.”

And decades after she released her debut album, Thalía, the singer-songwriter says that the inspiration has never gone away.

“I love music. I love to write. I love to do collabs with producers, with songwriters, with singers. I love to create. I love to sing stories about love, about betrayal, about freedom. It’s part of my healing process as a human being. In my own research, I create music. So, that’s what keeps me going and keeps me inventing things, because I’m just healing myself through it.”

At the end of the day, however, Thalía also appreciates her time to unwind — especially with her two kids, son Matthew Alejandro, 11, and daughter Sabrina Sakaë, 15, whom she shares with husband Tommy Mottola. “Being with them is my joy,” she says.

“I love to do my exercise to keep touch. I’m a very outdoorsy person. I love trees, and rivers and I love my animals. I love rock climbing, hiking, water skiing. I love all of that, so that helps me be a little zen,” she says.

She concludes, “One of the [most important] things is having a healthy and clear mind and heart. Your soul has to be clean and clear, and try as hard as you can because we’re humans, imperfect.”