Thalía shows off her farm and shares what country life is like

Thalia The 50-year-old has shown that she is a country woman, because she shared on her social networks what her farm looks like, which is not only full of animals, but also has a wonderful view of the mountains where she has a very comfortable time next to his family.

It was on Instagram where she shared several photos where she is seen surrounded by chickens and little ponies with whom she has a very pleasant time, since she spends her time caressing them at all times, and on more than one occasion she has shared that she collects the eggs from the totally organic chickens to feed on.

As if that were not enough, Thalía uploaded a video where she is seen next to the ponies whom she hugs at all times, while her husband Tommy Mottola record the magical moment that the former Mexican actress is having with the animals.

For those who do not know, life in the country has always been the most pleasant for Thalía and is that as many already know, she is a woman in constant work, in addition to a lot of hustle and bustle, that is why going to have fun at the farm la full of energy to have a very profitable week.

Another of the things for which Thalía is a very loved woman in the middle of the show is that she always shows avant-garde in terms of clothes and that is that the Mexican singer always tries to do photo shoots with the best outfits, she is also fascinated by having radiant skin.

If you take a look at Thalía’s social networks on several occasions, she has shared how she takes care of her skin and it is that with or without makeup the famous one looks spectacular in all aspects and her fans tell her so.

Something that they have asked Thalía in recent months is that they want to see new music, because for a long time we have not seen her performing new songs or any collaboration and she has preferred to be slow to focus on other projects which she could make known, but until next year.