Thalía in Harpers Bazaar Vietnam (10th anniversary issue)

Thalía is the highest-paid television actress in Mexican history. She is also the highest-selling Latin singer of all time. This year, the “Latin Pop Queen” turns 50 years old.

Siêu sao Latin Thalía: Chẳng điều gì có thể cản bước tôi

Thalía is the next star to appear on the 10th anniversary cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. Looking at the fresh, energetic and unique shoots on the cover, can you imagine this woman will turn 50 next month? I tried to find a word to describe Thalía, but every name seemed small compared to her size. Thalía was dubbed the Queen of Latin Pop by the international media. During her music career, she has released 25 million records worldwide. This Mexican vocalist also holds the record for the highest-selling Latin artist of all time.

The role of a lifetime in Los ricos también lloran’s (The Rich Also Cry) new version

Thalía is more than just a musical diva. With movies, she is even more successful. She is best known for her role in the TV series María la del Barrio (Los ricos también lloran) 1995 version.

María la del Barrio is the world’s most successful and popular TV series. The old version of the film was released in Vietnam in the 1990s and is loved to remember by the audience. The 1995 version featuring Thalia was even more successful. The film has been broadcast in more than 180 countries worldwide.

This unprecedented record brought Thalía other records: The highest-paid TV actress in Mexican history. Billboard magazine named her the most famous Spanish-language TV star in the world.

Childhood of Latin superstar Thalía

Thalía (Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda Mottola) was born in 1971, in New Mexico City. At the age of one, little Thalía appeared in a TV commercial. At the age of four, she began studying ballet and piano at the Mexican National Academy of Music. In elementary school, Thalía attended a Mexican-French bilingual school. Here, Thalía spoke fluent French. At the age of nine, Thalía was a member of the children’s group Pac Man. It has been a glorious career since then, with the global records you read about above.

Thalía releases 17th studio album desAMORfosis

The album name is a combination of 3 words: heartbreak (suffering), love (love), metamorphosis (transformation). Thalía says these are the three emotions everyone experiences in love. “For many people, pain knocks them down. For others, pain is an opportunity for us to grow and form a new worldview. Some people grow from love, kindness. Others come from pain and hatred. It is an evolutionary process based on individual life experiences. For me, I have changed many times in my life. I learned many things from the joys and sorrows of life,” Thalía shared about the new album.

Released a new album amid the Covid-19 whirlwind, but Thalía has never faltered. On the contrary, over the past year, she has been working non-stop with a series of projects.

“I never stopped. The pandemic can’t get in my way!”

When the whole world seems to stop for a beat, she still launches a series of projects. The Mexican vocalist released the second children’s music album Viva Kids 2. Then came a series of singles: Ya Tú Me Conoces with Mau y Ricky; La Luz with Myke Towers; Tick ​​Tock featuring Farina & Sofia Reyes; Tímida with Pablo Vittar; Estoy Soltera with Leslie Shaw & Farina; Color Esperanza (Global Citizen); Pa La Cultura (Human X) and Ten Cuidao with Farina.

Thalía appeared in Latin Music Queens, a show on Facebook Watch. She collaborated with Farina and Sofia Reyes. And yet, she also recorded the album desAMORfosis. The Latin superstar also crossed the field into fashion, by launching a collection of pajamas and cosmetics.

Diva of Latin music

Thalía’s ability to work and create really makes anyone admire who hears her. “The older the ginger, the spicier it is”, she is like a high-class wine, the longer it is aged, the more passionate it is, passionate about people. As the Diva of Latin Pop, for decades, Thalía brought this vibrant, joyful music to the world.

“LatinX (Latin American) music is New Age Pop. They’re universal, they’re vibrant, hot, and trending. I’m really proud to see more and more non-Latin artists singing Spanish music. In the opposite direction, we Latin artists also want to sing English music. But, still have to keep the Latin temperament,” Thalía shared.

She added: “I am more than happy with the achievements of Latin music today. Today’s music is profound in both tone and melody. They convey joy, making you want to sway to the beat of the music. Since then, the public has always demanded more in music.”

Challenge #MojitoChallenge

It seems that Thalía always dominates and leads in every field she sets foot in. In addition to music, the single Mojito in desAMORfosis has also become a trend to dominate social networks. The #MojitoChallenge challenge was responded to by millions of people. “Fans know that everything I do comes from the heart. I am honest with my public. And I always sincerely bring love, make fans smile and relax to the music.”

Taking on the Mojito challenge isn’t just a loyal fan of Thalía; but young fans. They come from many countries, of many ages, but are all conquered by the music of Mexican vocalists. This is a huge source of energy for Thalía to rediscover herself, constantly exploring new horizons to entertain the public. She happily said: “My main purpose is to entertain the public. I help them stay positive, love life in every way I can.”

Talking about social networks

Happy and overwhelmed with everyone’s affection, but Thalía is also very alert. She said; “Social network is a double-edged sword. Thanks to social media, I get closer and more interactive with my fans. My social media account is like an electronic diary. I share my daily life with the public. I am happy for that.”

But Thalía admits, people are increasingly addicted to social media and electronic devices. We should be strict with ourselves and set limits to know what is life and what is shared and what is not.

Love fashion since childhood

“I love fashion!”, Thalía affirms firmly when we mention fashion. “Since I was a child, I have used fashion to express myself. Fashion is my way of expressing my rebellion, freedom and individuality to the world. I grew up in music and fashion,” Thalía shared. “Fashion makes me who I am today”.

From the movie Los ricos también lloran and 17 music albums, Thalía has plenty of fashion moments to remember. She left her mark in the fashion industry with her quirky, weird, exaggerated style. “I love famous designers like Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace and Roberto Cavalli. At the same time, I also like to design my own clothes. Throughout my career, I have left many fashion marks.”

Love for fashion is also the premise for Thalía to launch a pajama collection.

Important moment in life

This year, Thalía will turn 50. Talking about birthdays, she says: “We should celebrate life every day. Be grateful that you are alive. The important thing is to focus on the present; but always looking to the future. Live healthy, exercise regularly both physically, mentally and spiritually. Stay positive but always ready to face difficulties. Happiness from the heart is a lasting happiness.”

Thalía concludes: “A lot of times, life throws you into endless tornadoes. The important thing is to be positive, always smiling. Be grateful for the lessons that difficult times bring. That’s how I live.”

Happy Birthday Thalía, the world’s Queen of Latin Pop!

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