Thalía’s beauty secrets to be sexy at 48

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At 48, Latina superstar Thalía is a beauty and body goal. In an article by Hola Magazine, the telenovela queen shared the secret behind her radiant, youthful skin, which naturally caused her to be questioned about her beauty routine and the very reason fans believe she has eternal youth.

“It’s a life filled with discipline, exercise and a healthy diet”, she said in an interview. “Everything that’s boring!” On the other hand, the singer-actress life is far from “boring” as seen in her daily life, which she shares with her millions of fans and followers on social media.

Considering how Thalía juggles different roles in her life – being a singer, songwriter, actress, author, clothing designer, business woman and social media influencer – it’s quite amazing how the superstar maintains her youthful look. No wonder why she was recognized as one of the 25 most powerful women by People en Español.

According to Thalía, besides living a healthy lifestyle, she loves to take care of her skin by washing her face with the best beauty products and regularly applying facial masks with natural ingredients like avocado. The musician recently revealed she also uses a face mask made out of elastin and caviar. Aside from that, she also receives professional treatments to maintain that glow.

Born Ariadna Sodi Miranda, Thalía is the youngest of five children. She is considered the most famous soap opera actress in Mexico, with fans and fan clubs around the world. After portraying the iconic roles in 1992’s Maria Mercedes, 1994’s Marimar, and 1995’s Maria la del Barrio, Thalía became a global celebrity.

“[She] always portrayed a poor girl who found a way to become rich”, described Teresa Aguilera in Billboard. In an interview with Billboard, Thalía said… “In all my soaps, my characters have always been very real, very pueblo [of the people], very raza [the common race]. They get the opportunity to expand, but they’re Cinderella characters. And I’ve always had very direct contact with my audience. They don’t see me as unattainable.”

Aside from her on-screen success, Thalía is one of the most popular Latin artists with her chart-topping songs and almost 50 million albums sold globally. She has collaborated with various artists such as Marc Anthony, Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett, Robbie Williams, Maluma, Natti Natasha, among others.

Despite Thalía’s skyrocketing success, the music icon also faced what could have been her greatest challenge. After spending most of the 1990s and early 2000s dominating the Latin music charts, in 2007, by the time she gave birth to her daughter, Sabrina, the singer was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

In her 2011 memoir Growing stronger Thalía explained that doctors tried to convince her she was suffering from postpartum depression, writing, “I continued to feel like I had been run over by a truck that had dragged me for a thousand miles, along with a steamroller that had crushed every last bone in my body. I literally thought I was dying.”

When she found the energy to research online, Thalía started seeing Lyme specialists, eventually undergoing two years of “heavy treatments”. Fortunately, her treatment seems to have alleviated some symptoms as she is back to doing her first love, releasing albums, touring around the world, as beautiful and youthful as ever.