Thalía admits she slid into Lali’s dm’s for ‘Lindo, pero bruto’ collab

Ya Tú Me Conoces is Thalía’s new collaboration with Mau y Ricky

Leave it to Thalía to slide into Lali’s DMs to talk business! The Mexican pop star and Argentine sensation took the hot seat on Billboard’s new episode of ‘How It Went Down’ to talk all about their Lindo, pero bruto collaboration.

It all started with Instagram, according to Thalía, who was “gossiping” on the social media app when she came across a photo of Lali in Mexico and sent her a DM, asking her if she was in Mexico. “She wrote to me just like that, and I thought «What the fuck!»” Lali said, explaining that she was in the country doing a promo tour when she received Thalia’s message saying, “Let’s do a worldwide hit!”

During their HIWD sesh, the two singers shared many anecdotes about the music video, like the time it was freezing in New York and Lali had to film in shorts and a tee.

Directed by Daniel Duran, Thalía and Lali give life to a Barbie-inspired world filled with neon colors, sweet treats and dolls. Lindo, pero bruto which in a nutshell means “cute but dumb”, is a song dedicated to those men who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, don’t offer much, or are only good for one thing.

Gushing over their collaboration, Thalía wraps up ‘How It Went Down’ by emphasizing that “this is the best fucking video ever!”