Thalía debuts hair-care brand, Adria by Thalía

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The product line will be sold at Walmart, Target and online

Pop star turned entrepreneur Thalía Sodi is launching a hair product line — one she loves so much, she even uses it on her face.

“We have this leave-in conditioner, all-in-one spray… that product is so natural, so good, that sometimes I use it on my face”, Sodi admitted. That move is not recommended, public relations professionals were quick to point out — but it is indicative of Sodi’s enthusiasm for her latest product line.

“I’ve been dreaming about this line for half my life”, she said. “I’ve always been obsessed with my hair, and I recall when I was a little girl, maybe younger than my daughter Sabrina, she’s 11, I was mixing different shampoos and conditioners and little scents and oils. I was always mixing stuff in the bathroom to make my hair shiner, fuller, bigger — my mother was always angry with me.”

The line, called Adria by Thalía, includes The Foundation shampoo, The Nourisher conditioner, The Stylist styling foam, The Big Deal volumizing spray, The Refresher dry shampoo, The Perfectionist hair spray and the All in Wonderful all-in-one spray.

The products contain a proprietary blend, the Cappa 5 Complex, that includes coconut, avocado, peony, passionfruit and agave extracts meant to keep hair hydrated and repair damage. Sodi paid particular attention to the fragrances, she said, describing them as “yummy”.

The business declined to talk numbers, but industry sources estimated Adria could do between $20 million and $30 million in year-one sales.

Sodi expects the line to appeal to both her core shoppers as well as other people. She described the customer as “somebody who is passionate about her life, changes, embracing different circumstances and always being strong and overcoming everything”.

All products are priced below $10. Adria by Thalía launches January 24 at most Walmart doors, and will roll into select Target doors in January, as well as Target. The line will also have a stand-alone web site.

“The same way we do it with ready-to-wear at Macy’s… we always have in mind, how [we can] give something with the best quality to her, to our girl”, Sodi said.

The initial Adria rollout includes seven products, but Sodi said she would potentially delve deeper into beauty. “We definitely want to grow and have so many plans and so many products we have in mind, but first, we want them to fall completely in love with this”, she said.

Thalía partnered with Authentic Brands Group in 2016. The group owns and manages the intellectual property related to her brand. She has multiple projects in the works, she said, and is in talks to potentially create a homewares collection.

Adria will use ABG’s proprietary influencer marketing platform, called Winston, to target large and micro influencers with all hair types. Adria’s own social accounts will focus on how-to videos demonstrated by influencer ambassadors, as well as Sodi herself, who said she frequently does her own hair.

“I learned to use the hair dryer and the curling iron and I don’t depend on anybody — I had to survive different circumstances. You have to go ahead and do your hair and go to stage and survive it”, she said.