Thalía dishes about learning how to cook

The “Queen of Latin Pop” Thalía is in the Chef’d kitchen and she’s trading her microphone for a spatula and her scripts for delicious recipes — welcome to Thalía’s Cocina! “I am a cook-in-training, and I am learning more every time I make a new dish.”

Thalía had an amazing conversation with us about her budding experiences in the kitchen. She may be an expert on stage and in front of the camera, but when she’s in the kitchen, she’s just like us.

“When I am singing and acting, I am all about channeling creative energies, but when I am cooking, I concentrate, and I like to follow recipes. That is what works for me while I get more comfortable in the kitchen.”

Anybody can master a recipe if they have quality, fresh ingredients and the gusto to do it. Thalía goes around the kitchen with the same enthusiasm and charisma as she has when she sings and acts.

“Cooking with the person you love is a bonding experience.” Part of Thalía ‘s inspiration to flesh out her hidden cooking talents was brought on by her husband Tommy Mottola’s mastery in the kitchen.

“Tommy and I have completely different cooking styles, and I love it! I learn so much from him! He likes to improvise, and continuously tests and creates new delicious dishes. On the other hand, I like to follow recipes. It gives me peace of mind to follow a set of instructions. For a rookie cook like me, that is very important.”

Thalía taught us that even novice cooks can create magical meals, and when you cook with the music on, and with your family, it makes the meal even more special.

“I always listen to music when I cook! It gives me energy and entertains me while I am following recipes. I enjoy listening to different music genres, but when I am cooking I specifically like to listen to upbeat rhythms. From dance to 80s music, as long as it makes me dance, it will play in my kitchen.”

Thalía brings the same flare from the stage to the kitchen, and from her music to her meal kits. Part of the sensational experience of creating these meal kits with Chef’d is that it allows Thalía the opportunity to learn how to make some of her favorite Mexican recipes.

“I am addicted to empanadas, and I have been searching for good, easy recipes to make them for the longest time. And, Chef’d to the rescue! The team listened to my wants and needs and came up with the most delicious “empanada” recipe! I tried it at home, and voilà! Sold on the whole Chef’d concept! The same thing happened with flan. I mean, you all know I love flan, and having Chef’d develop a simple-to-follow recipe won me over. The best part is that I get to share these fabulous Mexican recipes with everybody!”

Cooking is about so much more than just making a meal. Food is the sustenance of life, and cooking is the artistry that makes the meal memorable. For Thalía, she’s been able to travel the world with her career, try different cuisines from all over the world, and still return home to enjoy quality time with her husband and kids, cooking a meal that they all love.

“I do my best to make their meals fun and I invite them to participate in the food-making process. This encourages my kids to learn about the ingredients, such as vegetables and greens, and get excited about eating them.”

The most important ingredients in Thalía’s kitchen are olive oil and avocados. This is probably partly because some of her favorite foods are from the Mediterranean and, of course, from Mexico. But regardless of where Thalía travels, we can all agree that nothing beats a home-cooked meal.


Thalía’s meal kits are authentic, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. As you learn how to make a Thalía creation, you can smile knowing that she is also learning the ropes of how to master the kitchen. With a little bit of guidance, everybody can be a great cook.


Smoky chipotle and citrus shrimp tostada


Tacos al pastor with roasted pineapple salsa


Queso fundido with roasted poblano peppers


Sweet potato, chorizo and roasted corn empanadas


Churro french toast with caramel apple sauce


Delicious caramel flan with strawberries