Thalía chats about her Macy’s holiday collection

The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now in full swing for shopping for the holidays. From getting gifts for friends and loved ones, it can all become a bit much, especially if you’re like me and you leave everything until the literal last minute. This year I had the opportunity to speak to one of the biggest latin pop stars on the planet, Thalia. If you haven’t heard of her let me explain – she’s sort of like the Latin American Brittney Spears, except her career has successfully spanned tv, movies, and music to the point where she’s become a global icon. I caught up with her at the launch of her latest collection for Macy’s at the Dream Hotel in Midtown to talk all about what inspires her, her collection, and the biggest difference between creating an album and designing a collection.

What inspired the collection?

The collection was inspired by these times that are filled with holidays, celebrations, family, love and passion. There are colors that are very daring, very strong – reds, black, white, silver, and gold. It’s all about celebration. I think that in this moment, everything that surrounds us is so stressful, its been a stressful few months, so what I want is for people to feel the party, the fun, and to remember that life invites you to live well and have fun.

What’s the biggest difference between designing a collection or making music?

I think there isn’t much of a difference because I’m creating. When I sit down to write in a studio with a composer or another musician, one is constantly creating verses. It’s the same thing with fashion, you create colors, stories, patterns and I think they have a lot in common.

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If you could collaborate, whether in music or design, who would it be?

I like to be open in that regards and thanks to that I’ve had the fortune to collaborate with a lot of other artists and songwriters. The genre I work in, which is pop allows me to play within a lot of other musical universes. When it comes to fashion I would like to follow that path and create capsule collections with some other big designers.

Do you have any plans to create a runway collection – think like Victoria Beckham?

That’s something that inspires me and would fill me with a lot of happiness. Obviously we always do this to have a good time and to dress the woman that we love, and yeah it would be something awesome to do in the near future.

Any advice for someone who’s just starting and want’s to follow your path?

Be yourself! Be yourself! Really find your dream, prepare, surround yourself with experts that are good at what you want to do and most importantly don’t be your own obstacle. Work with yourself to open all the doors and so that way, all your dreams come true.

As I finished chatting with Thalia and she began to walk us through the Dream Midtown to show us the collection, I began to see first hand what she was talking about. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in a life where not wearing color becomes a source of pride and showing like we’re having too much fun becomes a sign of weakness, that we often forget the true meaning of the holidays, which is to make others happy. As I stood there watching my mom have the biggest smile of her life, I was reminded that all it takes to make people happy is to once in a while, think about someone other than yourself. The collection is available both on line and in stores at Macy’s and is priced appropriately enough where you can get gifts and still have enough left over for holiday drinks.