Thalía chats with Femail about her holiday line launch with Macy’s

‘Everybody has to have something with lace’, says international superstar Thalía Sodi. She’s known around the world as the Queen of Latin Pop, but Thalía is also an author, actress, entrepreneur and fashion designer. Femail chatted with the Mexican beauty about her eponymous fashion and accessories collection. Sold exclusively at Macy’s, the line is elegant, sexy, smart and full of personality, just like Thalía!

On her collection

‘I don’t want my collection to be restraining’, says Thalía. ‘I want everyone to feel free and enjoy themselves through fashion.’ Comfort comes in the form of A-line dresses, surplice necklines, relaxed-fit jumpsuits, jegging pants, scuba skirts and more easy-to-wear separates.

‘The line is a story of celebration’, she says. ‘The inspiration is holiday, to be happy and feel gorgeous.’ While this collection focuses heavily on festive attire, it’s not without Thalía’s wardrobe essentials like leopard and cool pants. ‘Leopard is a must’, she says. ‘We’ve had it in the collection from day one.’

Click here for more HQ photos

Click here for more HQ photos

On the holidays

‘The holidays are my favorite time of year’, says the Queen of Latin Pop. ‘By November 1st, my Christmas tree is up.’ Being of Mexican decent, Thalía is married to an Italian (music executive Tommy Mottola) and lives in America with the couple’s two children.

‘It’s a really cool mix of traditions in one house’, she says. ‘The most important thing for families is the memory of a tradition.’

On designing

Designing a line is similar to making music, according to Thalía. ‘Creating is an expression of yourself’, she says. ‘We get together with all the designers and I explain to them how I envision the line to be, the colors, pattern and details.’

‘The process of writing a song is the same. I did not study fashion but I’m a natural. I know what looks good and what doesn’t, and I surround myself with an amazing team. My team, they are the stars, they’re professionals. We do it with so much heart and so much love. Every collection has it’s own magic.’

On feeling sexy

To feel sensuous, the songstress slips into her intimates collection (also sold at Macy’s). ‘It’s so sexy, it’s sleek, it’s that feeling of glam. It embraces you and makes you feel good’, she says.

On her look

‘It’s elegant, it’s simple, you walk in and everybody looks at you’, says Thalía about her showstopping red jumpsuit.

‘And it’s comfortable, which is the most important thing to me. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, it’s young, fresh, elegant and sexy.’

On inspiration

The multitasking lifestyle that most women currently lead is what inspires her most. ‘Regular woman, young girls, mothers that work 2 or 3 jobs that just want to feel beautiful’, she says.

‘There’s nothing impossible in life. You can dream big, you can have multiple dreams and ideas. Just learn about them and just do it, go for it! There’s nothing impossible in life, the only obstacle would be you.’

‘When your day has a purpose (in my case to make my fans smile), you can shine and you can feel good.’