Singer Thalía takes on fashion

Mexican singer Thalía is not only a spectacular singer but an accomplished author, actress and now, designer. She is also called the ‘Queen of Latin Pop’ or the ‘Mexican Madonna’.

Thalía is one of the best-selling Latin musicians with more than 25 years in the business. She can sing in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Tagalog. Originally she was in the group Timbiriche before flying solo with ‘Amor a la mexicana’, considered her her greatest hit.

Her various soap operas have aired in more than 180 countries with an estimated 2 billion people watching her.

Among other accomplishments, she married music mogul Tommy Mottola in 2000 and has two children. In 2013, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thalía sat down before a massive appearance at Macy’s to talk her fashion collection, Thalía Sodi.


I saw you perform in concert at the Vic Theatre years ago. There was a big gay bar party afterwards with a Thalía theme.

I love my gay fans, they are my number one. I wish I’m invited to the parties they have for me!

There are plenty [of gay fans] downstairs waiting for you. Talk about your collection. Are there things you want to add to it?

I always want to add things. I always want to change something at the end. I want to keep doing it and creating. It is amazing having a collection. The level of creativity is endless. I have fun with the designers. It is a team of young girls, some of them with kids, some of them not, some of them Latina, some of them not. Everyone is brainstorming and having fun. That is the best part of this collection, the behind-the-scenes, and the creation of every single piece.

Were you always into fashion growing up?

I always loved it, even [cutting dresses for] my dolls. I used to dress my cats with hats and stuff. I was always doing things.

On your latest album you used a guest star, Becky G. She is up and coming…

Yes, she is very cool, and Mexican, too. When I was starting my career as a solo singer, I had people that helped me. I will never forget that. There were big singers that asked me to come sing with them and come to their shows to be a part of it. I will never forget that. To me that is something that is organic and something to do together.

You have a song called ‘Cerveza en México’ on the album. Do you have a favorite beer?

You know what? I like Corona but the Michelada version, with all the spices.

Is more music on the way?

I am doing it right now. I am in the studio working on a new album. I am recording, writing and producing all of it. Next year you will have it.

I love the video for ‘Seducción’. Was it fun to make?

Yes, all of those videos are my crazy ideas. I like to have a hand in everything. I create the whole story and tell them everything.

Does your yoga regimen keep you young?

Yoga helps, yes, but I think it is an attitude. It important to stay positive in your mind and have good wishes to everybody. Don’t hold onto hate or jealousy, be free of it and you will reflect that. It is a reflection of those feelings. I think that is what it is.

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