Thalía en Rachael Ray Show

El próximo 13 de Mayo (grabado el 7 de Mayo), Thalía estará presente como invitada en el cooking show de Rachael Ray.

Thalía surprises her biggest fan

Thalia Rachael Ray

The Queen of Latin Pop, Thalía, is pulling off a huge surprise for one of her biggest fans, and you won’t want to miss what happens. Read more here!

Mexican singer Thalía, known as the Queen of Latin Pop, is about to give her biggest fan, a young lady named Giovanna, the surprise of her life.

Rach quizzes fan Giovanna on facts about Thalía, before the pop superstar jumps out and surprises her! But don’t think the admiration is only going one way. Thalía tells Giovanna, “Thank you, because of you I get inspired. People like you give me the strength to keep reinventing myself through music, through fashion, through life.”