Thalía’s love of color and fashion show in new clothing line

After a trip to sunny Los Angeles to promote her new clothing line at Macy’s, Mexican superstar Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, or simply Thalía, woke up to snow in New York.

‘Today, I opened the curtains, and it’s almost white everywhere’, said the 43-year-old singer, actress, author and fashion entrepreneur by phone. ‘It has to be a bad joke.’

She needs a vacation to a destination unknown, she said.

But that will have to wait. Now she is on a traveling stint with her clothing line, Thalía Sodi Collection, which launched in 300 Macy’s stores nationwide earlier this year.

The look of the collection is sexy and feminine in shades of coral, red and pink with touches of turquoise. A fan of dresses, her line has an assortment of styles ready for the office, as well as a night out. Prices are $89.50-$99.50 for dresses; $49.50-$59.50 for tops; and $49.50-$69.50 pants. The collection also includes shoes and accessories.

Talks with Macy’s started nearly three years ago, she said. She previously had a clothing collection at Kmart.

‘I’ve been into fashion since I can remember, playing and dressing dolls as a child. I just love it in general’, she said. ‘I explore fashion a lot, especially on the red carpet. On stage, I go to the extreme, crazy and creative.’

Thalia en Macy's

A native of Mexico City, Thalía released her first solo album in 1990 and has since sold more than 40 million records worldwide.

In addition to the Kmart line, she’s had an eyewear collection, a radio show, two self-help books and a biography. She also starred in Spanish-language soap operas.

In 2000, Thalía wed music mogul Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s ex. They have a daughter, Sabrina, born in 2007, and a son, Matthew, born in 2011.

‘He understands me’, she said of Mottola. ‘He can give me advice and I listen and learn and I love that. He has all of this knowledge, and he encouraged me to make this a lifestyle brand, not just a Latin brand.’

Thalía sees the Macy’s collection as a perfect fit for women with busy lives.

‘We all have active lives, jobs and take care of kids, checking homework’, she said. ‘If you want to have fun once in a while and call your girls for a margarita, you need clothes that transition with your lifestyle.’

Being a mother makes her take a more practical approach to fashion.

Fashion Thalia Macy's

‘I wear more flat shoes and sporty yoga pants because I’m playing with my kids on the floor and doing cartwheels’, she said. ‘I want to feel comfortable.’

‘But I’ve learned sometimes less is more. I know it’s cliché, but sometimes too much is too much. Not everything needs stilettos and big bold earrings.’

Daily routine – Watch Spanish-language TV. ‘All the colors and sounds make me feel awake.’

Healthy habit – ‘I eat protein, greens, fruits every day, but twice a week I eat whatever I want.’

Fitness routine – ‘Weightlifting, yoga and meditation.’

Favorite shoes – ‘Oh, I have hundreds. I love shoes. You put on a high heel, and you immediately change your personality. I keep all of mine. They are pieces of memories.’

Favorite music – ‘1980s dance music, like Duran Duran, Mister Mister and Aerosmith.’

Favorite food – ‘I’m married to an Italian who loves to cook. I ate three bowls of his ravioli with cheese last night.’