Interview with Thalía for Glamour Magazine

She’s been a global estrella nearly forever. A spot with the Mexican teen pop band Timbiriche in the eighties led to a solo singing career (close to 50 million records sold worldwide), a wildly successful run on telenovelas (which have aired in more than 180 countries), and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now Thalía, 44, is adding to her résumé with a Macy’s fashion line, out now.

The extensive Thalía Sodi Collection of clothing and accessories has her sweetly sexy style all over it. And much like the busy woman the line is designed for, la famosa makes fun a priority. Simple pleasures, like family time with her husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola, daughter, Sabrina Sakaë, seven, and son, Matthew Alejandro, three, are important for Thalía.


Congratulations on your collection! Why did you partner with Macy’s?

It’s truly a dream come true. Whenever my mom visited the U.S., she would bring me back a gift from Macy’s. I would see the bag with the star on it and know that it contained something beautiful.

In addition to the new venture, you’re also a busy mother, wife, and philanthropist [as a March of Dimes global ambassador]. How do you unwind on the weekends?

Well, my perfect day would include going to the Bronx, where my husband was born, and eating Italian food at Dominick’s. Tommy used to go there when he was a boy. Our kids get up super early, so I like to play with them, take them to the park.

Do you fit exercise into your weekend schedule?

I’m extremely disciplined with my exercise routine. I’m addicted to lifting weights! I also like yoga, because it keeps me flexible. I’ve got a [fitness] room at home, but I really like going to the gym. It motivates me when I see other people shouting and sweating. If I see a 60-year-old woman with a body that looks better than mine, it gives me that extra push.


The weekend is usually the perfect time to try out special DIY beauty treatments. Do you have any to share with us?

Tommy loves making fresh coffee, so I’ll save the grounds and mix them with a little olive oil. I put the mixture in a container I keep in the shower and rub it over my legs. I find that coffee helps with cellulite!

Are you into any other treatments caseros?

I actually don’t use body creams, only coconut oil. It smells delicious and makes your skin feel great. I put it on my kids too.

Are you a cook? Do you find cooking relaxing?

I’m a terrible cook! I can cause a fire in a heartbeat. Luckily my husband loves cooking. But I’m the best bartender you could ever wish for. I’m in charge of making lychee or chocolate martinis, margaritas, cosmopolitans…. I can mix any drink.

And which Mexican traditions do you honor at home?

I always have little chilies and Mexican sweets that are very spicy, very hot, all over the house. And obviously we love music.

How would you describe la belleza Latina?

Beauty involves your personality and confidence, and the strength that you draw upon in order to face adversity. It’s a way of loving life passionately. To me, that’s Latin beauty.