Thalía launches new spring 2015 collection during Fashion Show in NYC

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On Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 I had the opportunity of attending Thalía’s fashion show, launching her new collection with Macy’s. This is the first time the giant retailer has gotten together with a Latina to create a line that not only offers nice pieces of clothing, but also adds shoes and accessories. I was blown away. All the details of the event were carefully planned, with media outlets attending, as well as Macy’s executives. Joy and excitement were floating in the air, as we awaited the beginning of the fashion show that would unveil some of the pieces of the collection. As we enjoyed carefully crafted cocktails and delicious appetizers, I sat down front row with fashion and beauty expert and Telemundo style contributor Kika Rocha and stylist Raissa Herrera.


At first we didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as the models started walking down the catwalk we knew this was going to be a successful partnership and Thalía’s line would be one of 2015’s biggest sale. The pieces are simple, yet elegant, colorful, yet classy, and offer an affordable way for women everywhere to feel and look like a super star for under $100. The shoes were to die for, with sandals, booties, pumps and wedges to choose from and the accessories were definitely targeted to Latinas, who love anything that makes a bold statement.

All the pieces were made with love, like everything Thalía does. I even got to talk with her for a minute and tell her how impressed I was with her collection. She was graceful and replied with genuine happiness. Thalía was defnitely the star of the night. And something I loved about the whole event was a little act of kindness that went unnoticed by many. I waited until Thalía left the venue to make my exit. As I was getting my coat, I saw the Mexican singer, actress and now designer walk back in with two fans that had been waiting to see her for hours in the cold.

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She asked them to pick whatever they wanted from the jewelry display at the entrance and gave them a heartfelt hug. The fans were so happy. Thalía said goodbye to them and left, and all I could hear was the great anecdote the young man and woman were recounting, cherishing that moment so much, and shedding tears of excitement as they kept talking about how great Thalía is as a person. That, for me, was the highlight of the night. As for Thalía’s awesome collection, you can find it online at, and in stores starting February.