Thalía in Epura water brand campaign in Mexico

Thalía’s World Is Full of Love For New Artists, Passion Projects, Justin Bieber & BLACKPINK

At the invitation of Executive Producer, Alfredo Cortés, Production Inc accepted his offer to expand their expert production services in Mexico where they are now based in both Mexico City and Cancun. Their relationship lifted off the ground immediately, and sent them to New York City to film a very high profile ad campaign for the Pepsi brand, Epura water.

The commercial features Latina pop megastar, Thalía, and was directed by Production Inc’s performance director, Christopher Watson. Immediately following the Epura spot, Production Inc and Cortés teamed up again to produce an episode of Discovery Channel’s international sensation, “Naked and Afraid” reality tv show in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Epura (1)

Prior to their partnership, Daniel Frisch, founder and managing director of Production Inc, had only thought of Mexico as a vacation destination, after all it is the leading vacation destination in the world. However since meeting Cortés, both Frisch and Production Inc have come to know Mexico as an equally impressive and very strategic commercial, film and television production center.

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What had been lost on Frisch and Production Inc is the amazing value their neighbor to the South has to offer. Furthermore, Frisch realizes it all starts with a really strong producer, and Production Inc has found that in Alfredo Cortés. When a country has everything you need to produce at the highest level, your experience and success will depend on the strength of the producer and the company he keeps.

Alfredo Cortés makes Production Inc a leading production company in a country that stands second to none. Frisch acknowledges there are trends in the commercial advertising industry where productions tend to flock to that next “hot” location and sometimes there is a very fine line between location and vacation. But, at the end of the day value and the overall experience is the foundation of repeat business, and when you’ve “been there done that” Mexico is one of the few places you will want to do it again, and again.