Thalía promotes HBO Latino Concert Special

Thalía is an international superstar with hit albums, television shows, and a new clothing line with Macy’s set to be released next year. We caught up with Thalía during her promotional tour in support of her concert special “Thalía Viva Tour (En Vivo)” airing tonight on HBO Latino at 9pm.

Fans can’t wait to see your special tonight! What can you tell us about it?

“I’m so excited! I’ve always been a fan of HBO Latino and of course having my “Thalía Viva Tour” airing on September 5th and it’s going to be fantastic! I’m really excited for everyone to see it and for this opportunity.”

“[The footage] was recorded during my “Thalía Viva Tour” last year. I started [the tour] in the U.S. and then I had the final two shows in my city, Mexico City. I decided to record it, just to keep it for me, for my archives. Those were my plans but then I realized how much I loved the material so I put it together with a documentary of the last three years. It ended up becoming an amazing piece of work and I really wanted to share this with my audience. Sharing it with HBO Latino audience was perfect because of their fantastic Latino concert series.”


You recently collaborated with Laura Pausini. How did that come about?

“I have always loved collaborations. On my last album I had duets with Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé. I also worked with Tony Bennett on a duet for his album because I really enjoy collaborating with other artists. But I had never collaborated with a woman before. Out of nowhere one day, I started to receive emails from Laura Pausini and I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or what?! But it really was her saying, ‘Thalía, it’s Laura Pausini and I have a song and I would like to tell you all about it.’ At this point, I still didn’t believe it! So I reached out to my record label and they confirmed it was her and the offer was real. So we set up a time to meet and we did the song, recorded the video in New York. It ended up becoming one of those magical duets because we had such good chemistry together. Since then, we’ve become best friends and I love her.”

With so much news out there about you, why is it important that you don’t take things to seriously?

“Everything is so serious and dramatic. Everybody is in their own world. Nothing really is that important. So when [the media] starts criticizing you or saying negative things about you I think the best thing to do is laugh about it and make a joke. I rather be the first one to make the joke and get it all out of the way. Then we can focus on the things that really matter like living a positive life, working on great projects, and sharing positivity in your own life. That’s how I live my life. I just put those crazy things aside by facing it with a good sense of humor and that’s it.”


You’ve done so many things in your career. Is there anything left that you’d like to do tat you haven’t?

“So many things! I’ve been working since I was really young and there’s never been a dull moment. I always want to create something new, learn and try new things. With music, the opportunities are endless. There are so many styles and collaborations to create, same thing goes for acting. My businesses are also very important to me and helps me get really creative.”

“Up next I’m launching this incredible line at the beginning of the year with Macy’s. It’s going to be a fashion collection with clothing, accessories and shoes. I’m so excited about partnering with this incredible brand. That’s the perfect example of seeing one of my dreams come true. There are a lot of other things I have on my mind that I want to have happen. The Macy’s project took years before I could finally do it and now I’m going to enjoy it. The point is never stop dreaming.”

Were you involved in designing the clothing?

“I’m working with a talented group of women and we did it all together. Everyone is collaborating on this project as we prepare to launch it next year. We’re all so excited to create for the Macy’s consumer. I’ve had so much fun with colors, prints, and fabrics. I can’t wait to tell you more about it when the launch is closer.”

Any chance you’d ever consider taking your story to the Broadway stage like your friend Gloria Estefan?

“Imagine all the stories we could tell through that! It would be something amazing, of course. I just love Broadway. My husband [Tommy Mottola] and I have already been involved as producers on “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “The Producers” and a few others. I’m very into the Broadway world and I find it very interesting and magical but it’s very demanding.”