Thalía jokes about rib removal online

Mexican pop star Thalía sent fans into a spin on Monday (11 Aug 2014) after playing up long-running rumors suggesting she had had some ribs removed in a bid to enhance her sexy figure.

The singer, who has been dogged by surgery claims for years, tricked fans online by appearing to confirm the reports in an Instagram video, featuring a series of snaps of Thalía with a jar of bones.

In the accompanying caption, she addressed her strong fan base in the Philippines by writing, ‘To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof (of the surgery)… I love… my famous ribs, I kept them with me all these years… And the Saga continues…’

The post caused a frenzy online as devotees commented on the apparent confession, but Thalía returned to the site on Tuesday (12 Aug 2014) to reveal it was all a hoax.

The cheeky 42 years old shared a picture of a plate of pork ribs and another showing her biting into the food, with the word ‘Gotcha’ written across the snap. She later explained the bones in the jar were what remained of her Famous Ribs dish.