Thalía chats Viva Kids, motherhood and more

Mexican singer and actress Thalía, known mostly for her role in novelas and her music, has released a children’s music CD, called Viva kids. The CD is a compilation of children’s songs in Spanish which incorporate different Latin rhythms.

“I initially came up with the concept for this album after noticing that all my favorite childhood songs were no longer available for today’s generation of children” said Thalía. “This album is so special and personal to me because my own children are part of this generation and I wanted to pass these songs on to them to preserve them.”

Why this project?

Originally Thalía recorded these songs for her children, but she realized that she could share these songs for other parents to pass along to their kids as well.

Thalía explains “music can heal, stimulate and calm.” She believes children should be exposed to all different types of music. Her album has a little bit of everything, from traditional mariachi to pop to cumbia rhythms.

Thalía struck me as very approachable (she took time to shake everyone’s hand!) and simply put, lovely. She also looks like she hasn’t aged a day since I remember watching her on Marimar. Thalía was very candid and shared her thoughts on motherhood and more.

Her advice for first time moms

“Don’t take it too seriously do the best you can with tools you have.” She said that as moms we worry and carry stress around with us, which our children can feel. (She’s right!)

The best advice her mom gave her

Thalía said her mom told her “Nothing is as bad as it seems.”

On how life changed when she became a mom

She says her kids gave her a purpose in life, and she is rediscovering life again through their eyes.

On her multicultural family

I loved listening to Thalía talk about how she incorporates culture in her family’s life, through music and food, so that her children love both her husband’s culture. (Thalía is married to Tommy Mottola, who is Italian-American) and her Mexican cultura.

Raising bilingual kids

I asked if her kids spoke Spanish. She said, “I speak to them in Spanish and my daughter, who is older, responds in English… so I say, “No te entiendo, en español” (I don’t understand, in Spanish.) and she says “But I saw you talking to Papi, and you know how to speak English.” (The struggle is real… Thalía and I have something in common!)

What kind of parent is she?

She says she is the disciplinarian in her home, but she is also mischievous… she loves playing in the rain and jumping in muddy puddles with her kids.

Thalía is an anti-bullying advocate

She created the campaign “El Bullying no es un juego” (Bullying is not a game).

Thalía and social media

Thalía loves social media and interacting with her fans. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a sec, take a pic with the sign “El Bullying no es un juego”. I’m sure she’d love that! (Tell her I sent you!)

It’s comforting to know that celebrity moms also have the same worries and concerns that I have… we all want the best for our kids, and as Latina moms raising bicultural/multicultural kids we want to share our rich cultures through a variety of forms, music, food, language.

As a mom raising a son in Spanish, I have to say that I’m delighted that Thalía has recorded Viva kids. The CD has songs that I grew up singing, like La risa de las vocales and En un bosque de la China. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when I heard the songs… I can’t wait to share them with my son.