Thalía talks Viva Kids, Vol. 1 & reveals upcoming ‘sexy’ album

Thalía is dedicating her new album, Viva Kids,Vol. 1 to the little ones.

Viva Kids,Vol. 1, which will be released tomorrow (June 24), is Thalía’s first children’s album. The 11-track project features children classics, including both English and Spanish traditional songs like ‘Twinkle twinkle little star (Estrellita)’, ‘El piojo y la pulga’ and more.

‘My parents sang all kinds of songs to me, from ‘En un bosque de la China’, which I decided to record for this album, to ‘Las mañanitas’, [which] is ‘Happy birthday’ for us’, she tells Billboard of her upbringing. ‘And very local, Mexican songs.’

‘This project was a home project for my kids. The record company heard it and said, ‘You’re crazy. We have to share it!’ she says. ‘It’s a project not only for our kids [but also] for me [and] for our generation. Everybody that hears our songs become kids again. The kids are listening to the songs again and they’re falling in love with them.’

While promoting Viva Kids,Vol. 1, Thalía has been working on a new album simultanteously, which she says is ‘sexy’. ‘Right now, I’m recording an album. Everything is moving’ she says. ‘We have half of it… I’m actively writing, co-writing, producing and co-producing. I’m doing everything. This album, I find, is a little bit more sexy.’

‘We should expect the first single from the new album end of this year, and the album at the beginning of next year’, Thalía says.