Mexican singer Thalía proposes to Ochoa

Mexican singer Thalía asks Guillermo Ochoa to marry her on Instagram after epic display versus Brazil

Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa got a marriage proposal from a famous singer of his country, Thalía, after his marvellous performance against Brazil in a FIFA World Cup Group A match that ended in a goalless draw Tuesday.

She is considered the most successful female solo Mexican singer by pretty much everyone in Mexico and, is often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Pop” according to Wikipedia.

“Ochoa, Marry me!”, Thalía tweeted, also posting a photo of the 28-year-old keeper, reports EFE.

Ochoa was named the man of the match due to his fantastic show and was showered with praises for not conceding any goals to Brazil.

So, it will come as no surprise that Thalía was watching Brazil versus Mexico. And, it looks like Guillermo Ochoa won more than just the man of the match award for his epic display versus Brazil.

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