Thalía, Daniel ‘Estou apaixonado’ video premiere

Watch clip of Mexican actress singing with The Voice Brasil coach

Thalía may have released her children’s music album ‘Viva kids’ this week, but she certainly has not forgotten about her other fans. “The wait is over! Watch the video for ‘Estou apaixonado’ featuring Daniel on my YouTube channel”, the 42-year-old singer wrote on Twitter. The clip has the singer in front of a background with shimmering lights as Daniel fades in and out in the background playing his guitar. ‘Estou apaixonado’ was originally a song in Spanish by Donato and Estéfano that Daniel and João Paulo recorded in 1996 in portuguese. Now almost 20 years later the Brazilian singer invited the Mexican singer to cover the hit and give it a whole new spin. The track is part of a compilation of the South American celebrating his thirty years in music.

Thalia Daniel

Thalía was recently a recipient an accolade at Premio Lo Nuestro 2014. “I don’t know if it’s true or not true about winning Best Pop Album Of The Year at Premios Lo Nuestro”, Mrs. Mottola gushed a day after the award ceremony. “If it’s true I am very excited and I don’t know what to say. I am very moved and very thankful for the opportunity that I’ve been given to continue expressing myself through music, to continue giving out so much love, stories to tell and to share them with you.” Thalía dedicated her award to her fans which made it a hit in sales. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your unconditional support and love!!!”, the pop star wrote on her page. “This Premio Lo Nuestro for the Pop Album Of The Year is dedicated to you, my adorable Thalyfans!!!” ‘Habítame siempre’ was a commercial success that included renditions of popular Latin songs like ‘Bésame mucho’, ‘Con los años que me quedan’ and ‘Bésame’.

Daniel is a big star in his native country and has served as a coach for the first two seasons of The Voice Brasil. The singer was also featured recently on Rede Globo’s primetime telenovela ‘Amor à vida’ with the theme song ‘Maravida’. Millions of viewers across the country heard the song as the opening credits to the hit soap played every night. Daniel teaming up with Thalía is major as the Latina actress has a huge fan base in the South American country. Her telenovelas like ‘María Mercedes’, ‘Marimar’ and ‘María la del Barrio’ are still shown in reruns and still draw big audiences. She has not forgotten about her fans and continues recording Portuguese versions of her hit songs. Just last year she released versions of ‘Equivocada’ and ‘Manías’. “It’s a very romantic and sexy language. I am trying to improve it”, she told Caras last year.