Thalía releases ‘Así es como lo hacemos’ and becomes hotel maid


Thalía is keeping herself very busy these days! Not only is the Mexican singer and actress releasing a new musical project dedicated to kids this March 25, but now she has her own YouTube web series titled “Así es como lo hacemos” or “This is how we do it”. She created this to highlight the work other people do in their fields. With the premise that everybody has an important job, this performer forgets her diva status and gets very interested in the crafts of different people.

“It’s about getting to know what other people do, how they do it and what’s their work like. Respect it, understand it and have fun”, Thalía explained about venturing into this new project, that focuses on the jobs that people take for granted, but make a great difference. In the first episode, the singer puts herself in the shoes of the housekeeping staff of the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

She learns how to make a proper bed, while she asks Marisol, the real housekeeper, questions about herself and things she has seen in her work. Thalía wondered how hard were Marisol’s duties, the weirdest things she has seen while fixing a bedroom at the hotel, and her secret in making the beds. The housekeeper stresses that everything she does is with love and she takes her time making sure the room looks impeccable.

Meanwhile Thalía realizes her lack of skills in the bed-making department and acknowledges that this type of work does take a toll on your body, especially your back. “I swear, even the bones I don’t have are hurting right now!” she said in a behind the scenes featurette after the webisode. The videos are available in Thalía’s YouTube channel, or you can watch the first episode below, along with the second episode, where she poses as a waitress and learns how to make a proper formal table.