Thalía denies she hunts and kills animals ‘for fun’

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Following various photographs showing her hunting, a 2009 video has emerged showing Mexican singer Thalía posing with a rifle with the title ‘Thalía kills for fun’.

According to People en Español, on Jan. 13, SDP Noticias reported that the Mexican artist, just like Lucero, hunts for fun.


David Naranjo, the singer’s publicist, met with the press to deny that his client practices hunting for sport.

‘The article published on Jan. 13, 2014 by SDP Noticias, mentions that my client, Thalía Sodi Mottola, participates in animal hunts. This article used as a reference a report and video originally published on Sept. 9, 2009, by The Wall Street Journal. Hunting was never mentioned in this original report’, wrote SDP Noticias. 

The video has been circulating since Monday, Jan. 13 on social networks and is actually an edited version of the original video, which is property of The Wall Street Journal. In the original video, the Mexican singer talks about skeet shooting, shooting moving targets such as clay discs.


According to an article published by Mexican newspaper El Universal in 2009, The Wall Street Journal did a photo shoot for the Latina in which Thalía poses with a shotgun designed by Fabbri for her, valued at $125,000.

‘The Wall Street Journal article, written by William Snyder, clearly shows Ms. Thalía in a photo shoot focusing on outfits and fashion accessories for the sport known as skeet shooting, which is the practice of shooting clay discs thrown into the air… This is a sport that has been practiced in the Olympic Games since 1896. I must repeat that my client Thalía Sodi Mottola practices skeet shooting, not hunting’, Naranjo said.

You can read the original 2009 article here.