Thalía co host on The View

Thalía made her co-hosting debut on “The View” this morning. The Mexican singer had a magnificent entrance arm in arm with the legendary journalist Barbara Walters.

Thalía also joined Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepard on the panel to discuss the hot topics. The ladies discussed the American Music Awards 2013 from last night, focusing on Miley Cyrus’ bizarre performance with the cat in the background and the homage to Celia Cruz by Jennifer Lopez.


Thalía raved about the performance by J Lo as the best of the night and gave props to her for the amazing number. Another topic that was brought into the conversation was Katy Perry’s opening number, where she dressed as a geisha.


Turns out people on the internet were upset as they said she had no business dressing up as a Japanese geisha. Thalía weighed in and recalled a time where she dressed up in a similar ensemble, but as a tribute to the rich Japanese culture. She said that Perry was not making fun of the culture and it was an homage.

Thalía shined her bright smile throughout the program, although it was difficult for her to talk unless they gave her the floor to do so. The ladies already have a rhythm as they work together on a daily basis and to crack that banter is hard.

Nonetheless, Thalía did her best and was seen smiling and nodding throughout the show and interviews. She also talked about her newly released children’s book “Chupie, the Binky that returned home” which was inspired by her eldest daughter when she tried to take away her “binky”.

During the Niecy Nash interview, our Latin superstar reached out to greet her and was shunned. To be fair the rest of the ladies did so as well, even Barbara Walters.

McCarthy probably took her by surprise at the beginning as she was the only one to properly greet her. Maybe Niecy was sick and didn’t want to get her germs on the ladies?