Thalía says new book about ‘letting go’ of binky is inspired by challenges of motherhood

Like all moms, pop star Thalia has dealt with the requisite challenges of motherhood – and among them, the trauma of weaning her two children from their beloved pacifier. And that challenge of “getting rid” of the binky – or chupie, paci or bobo, as its sometimes known – is the subject of the Mexican singer’s first children’s book, “Chupie: The Binky that Returned Home.”

“I came up with the idea during a desperate night at 3 a.m.,” Thalia shared with reporters at a book release launch held in New York City. “My daughter crying, because she couldn’t find her binky in the crib. She was obsessed with it.”

That obsession however, needed to end “because the pediatrician told me she could develop tooth issues, maybe earaches,” recalled Thalia. But during her daughter’s bout of separation anxiety, Thalia was struck with inspiration.

“Up to that point, I had tried everything but she cried and cried,” said Thalia. “I hated it. I didn’t want to see a tear. And then I had this idea, of Binky who wanted to go back home to Binkyland, that’s home to all binkies.”

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The story of Chupie who needed to go back home to his own mami soothed Thalia’s daughter – who after the story said “ok, take binkie home” – proved to be the ultimate solution to the painful separation process.

“I said ‘bingo, this is an amazing solution,’ shared Thalia, who produced and sang a single in both English and Spanish to accompany the book. “I had to share this with other moms!”

“Chupie” – complete with colorful illustrations based on Thalia’s sketches for the handmade version of the book she created to present to potential publishers – is now in stores, and perhaps most importantly, on the bookshelves of Thalia’s own home.

“To see my daughter, who is now six, taking the book to read to my two-year-old son Matthew is incredible,” said Thalia, who is married to music executive Tommy Mottola. “I cannot believe it – it’s the circle of life.”

The book, Thalia’s fourth release and her first entry into the world of children’s books, also represents the larger challenge of motherhood for the 42-year-old.

‘It’s that first experience of really letting go in our lifetime. And it’s our job to say, ‘its ok to let things go. Detachment is fine. You have mami and papi and we’re here for you,’” Thalia reflected. “And it’s the first in a long process, you know, because as adults we spend our whole lives trying to detach from things like food and alcohol. But it all starts with the binky – oral fixation!”

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Thalia – who will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in December – says that she intends to write more children’s books. She also has a children’s music album in the works, she told NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero, and shared that motherhood has proved to be the ultimate inspiration for her career.

“I rediscover life through their eyes,” Thalia told NBC Latino. “To have that opportunity to share tears and smiles and hugs and pinches is a gift. There’s some difficulty every day, because you want to do better – there’s no manual.”

And towards that end, if Thalia can help mothers along the way – “we should have awards, statues, we should be paid because being a mom is not simple” – then she will.

“That’s the meaning of being here,” said Thalia.

“To share my experience is fantastic.”