Thalía releases first children’s book ‘Chupie The Binky That Returned Home’

Thalía is in celebration mode with the release of her first children’s book titled, ‘Chupie’. The publishing house behind the book is Penguin who has also published book series such as Madeline, Peter Rabbit, Winnie-the-Pooh and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ‘Chupie’ will be released on October 31 in bookstores. The mexican star not only wrote the book, but she also created some of the illustrations in this printed work dedicated to her daughter Sabrina.

The idea of ‘Chupie’ was inspired by her eldest daughter when she tried to take away her binky. The ‘Te perdiste mi amor’ singer went in search for literature with techniques to help her out but was unsuccesful. ‘This is a story that I developed as a personal technique that worked for me to take away Sabrina’s binky’ she said in an interview earlier this year.


The book has already been spun off to a musical project that will soon be released. ‘It occurred to me to tie the book with music, which is something I adore. To have the opportunity to sing to kids for the first time, and to make a kids album with classic songs that I grew up listening to, the songs that my children like.’

‘Chupie team! We’re so excited to share the good news! Chupie is finally in our heads!’ the telenovela star wrote on her Instagram account. ‘We can’t wait for you to have it.’ Thalía also dedicated a very special message to the editor Ray Garcia. ‘We did it Ray Garcia! Thank you for believing in my dream and make it happen.’ For more information on Chupie visit the official Facebook page. Scroll-through the gallery above and check Thalía out with her new book.