Thalía lines up new musical projects

Expect to hear a lot more Thalía on your iPod in the coming months. The Mexican songstress is in the midst of several new musical projects, including a live album and a DVD.

‘Thalía Viva Tour en Vivo’ will be the first big release, encapsulating her successful tour this year. And the album will include several notable live duets, including collaborations with María José and Camila’s Samo.


But that’s not all. Thalía is also putting out a Blu-Ray that showcases her power from the stage. The mini-movie captures a passionate performance on her home turf of Mexico.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also catch Thalía on a special ‘Voces por México’ CD, which will benefit victims of the Acapulco hurricane. We’re imagining at least one of those items will land in a family Christmas stocking this winter.