Thalía remembers the late Jenni Rivera by sharing the cover of People en Español

In a 10-minute Twitcam on Tuesday night, Thalía celebrated having reached five million followers on Twitter. This fulfilled the promise she made her fans to connect with them once she reach that number.

“We are celebrating the years we have been connected, these years in a fully cyber world sharing day by day, loving each other, supporting each other,” said the Mexican superstar during her Twitcam. “We have really found great company, great support, a way of staying closely connected and I don’t want to let go. I love being really close to you, and learn more about you, and that you learn more about me, too.”

The singer and actress showed her fans the new edition of People en Español magazine, which will hit the stores this Friday, and said, “It’s a very emotional cover alongside the beautiful, the beloved, the talented, the gorgeous, the unforgettable, that really strong woman, the really beautiful woman that was Jenni (Rivera).”

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In the new edition of People en Español, Thalía launches the redesigned section “Ponte Bella.” The Mexican diva poses as 21th Century Barbie doll from a loft in Manhattan. The singer, who revealed her beauty secrets, was interviewed by Ursula Carranza, the magazine’s fashion and beauty director.

“It’s a fun article about beauty and summer…It was a superfun photo shoot. Armando (Correa, People en Español editor) wants me to show the pictures, but I will only show you some of them, so you go buy the magazine. (The article) is beautiful, is emotional and very summer-like,” said the 41-year old mother of two.

Thalía also talked about her next children’s book, which will be titled “Chupi”. “We’ll be launching a few songs for the chavitos, for the little kids, and all of that has me super excited.”

At the end of her Twitcam, Thalía told her followers, “We are working on my next studio album, that is also driving me crazy, it has me ‘prendidísima.’ We are writing (new music), locking ourselves in the studio, creating a thousand different things, and a thousand surprises I have in store for you.”

A few days ago, the singer shared a snapshot on her Instagram account, in which her backside can be seen in a bikini. The photo was very similar to the one Colombian actress Sofía Vergara posted of herself catching some rays.