Thalía on the list of 10 sexiest Latino celebrities

As the weather warms up, we’re getting all hot and bothered by the talented Latinos we see on screen and in concert! As a culture, Latinos are known for a natural heat and sensuous nature that can be compared to no other culture. In Hollywood and the music biz, it’s no different. As of this moment, here are ten of the sexiest Latino celebrities we could find. Enjoy!


Ryan Guzman, Selena Gomez, Blanca Soto, Victor Noriega, Demi Lovato, Ferdinando Valencia, Eduardo Verastegui, Thalía, Danny Pino, Salma Hayek.

Thalía, one of the biggest Latina stars in the world is known for her incredible figure, amazing talent and business savvy as she is a singer, songwriter, published author and actress. While her past is filled with drama, including a Lyme disease diagnosis that reportedly stole some of her beauty, Thalía remains one of the sexiest women alive.