Thalía on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mexican singer Thalía has risen to become one of the most successful artists of all time. This year she will be honored by a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to spotlight this prestigious career. She brought her intimate tour in support of “Habítame siempre” to The Vic Theatre and talked to her about it, as well as her personal life.

Hi, Thalía. How excited are you about coming back to Chicago?

I’m very excited! Seriously it has been too long.

With such a massive career is there anything that you have wanted to do but haven’t?

I am just one of those people that dream big and I try to make it happen. I pursue it until I accomplish it. I crystallize my dreams. I have a lot of ambition. If the desire comes from your heart then the opportunities are endless. With this album, “Habítame siempre”, having Michael Bublé or Robbie Williams is to me like ‘wow’!


Working with artists, such as this, really expands your genres like Prince Royce.

When I started my career it was more on the rocker side. Over the years you grow and want to try so many different styles. I did R&B, pop, salsa, merengue, hip hop, everything, you name it. Now the bachata with Prince Royce I think is such an amazing opportunity for the two of us to learn from each other and share music with people. There are two different generations with two different styles but made with so much passion and love that people are reacting incredibly with the song.

This is going to be very acoustic, correct?

Yeah, what happened is after “Primera fila”, which was one of my most successful albums ever, being unplugged freed myself from all the big costumes, dancers, fire, and explosions. “Habítame siempre” has the same kind of flavor yet is a little more open. I want it to feel intimate like an unplugged but I know my fans would love to hear the big hits like “A quien le importa”, “Arrasando” and “Maria la del Barrio”, so I am trying to make it happen but being true to the little theaters.