Thalia ~ “If it had begun to have children with 20 years, would now have six as Angelina Jolie”

She cried a lot, but also enjoyed. A swirl of mixed emotions and one of “the greatest career challenges”. After three years of ‘silence’, Thalia is back with a new work, inhabiting me always, he assumes his musical maturity.

He has said that this album is one of the most important challenges of his career.My work first row was as a water birth, both before and after because it was a very casual and ‘petit Committee’ live album. This meant an evolution in my career and living I always is the second of this new phase that I love. It’s a new challenge.

Inhabit me always, is the musical maturity of Thalia?Yes, one changes and evolves: going leaving behind obsolete things that no longer serve you. You’re rehabbing you to a new you. It has been very favorable and my soul feels liberated.

The first single, hobbies, has a very special meaning because it is dedicated to his mother, now deceased. Has the disc served him as therapy?Yes. All the disc itself has been as a crossroads and I served as self-help. While searching for the ideal songs I managed to finally get pregnant after all this time. And, surprisingly, the death of my mother was just a month before the birth of my son. Many were the emotional shock that went: on the one hand, very sad and another, much happiness. Life and death. The only thing which healed me was music, with live I always was able to heal my soul.


And it was like another delivery but was superapido and noble compared the births of my children: 33 hours of Matthew and 12 of Sabrina. At the time of going to market, the disk was Platinum, then it diamond a divine birth! (laughs).

Disk performs collaborations with international stars such as Robbie Williams or Michael Bubblé. How has lived the experience?Magical: I am a fan of Robbie and friend of Michael. It is a wonderful and funny man, a professional who has one of the most beautiful voices in the market. To have them singing in Spanish has been for me an award that I hang up. We will see what next victims I have in my next album (laughs).

At what point is the Latin pop now?I feel that there is a habit of everything is music made by computer. A same sample twirling and everything sounds the same because you just cut and paste. The essence of the live orchestra and musician leaving the skin in the study, sweating to grab the exact note and leave it on a disk is lost. For me it was very important to permeate always inhabit me of all that: I in New York informing me on Skype with the musicians who played live from Los Angeles and the Showgirls who were in Mexico.

Then, would you get back on your drive most traditional music?I think that there are tastes for everything: will be wanting all the disc, and others only a song. Music love people, but the element of the computer and the DJs are diluting the human factor. Errors a bass or guitar being are those that make the difference. The market in which we live today has destroyed large industries such as music, film and television. You really have everything on your mobile phone.

How do you the problems of piracy live?It is a pain and a penalty, but it is something that is there. Not only for the artist who puts face on the disk, if not all the work of the team that is behind. When you buy a disk that money also helps that many families can get ahead.

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A few years ago I was able to dance to President Barack Obama. What unfolds?I had to go out to sing and I saw all very serious. And I said to myself: how boring! (laughs). So I got off the stage and asked permission to Michelle to see if I could get to dance. And he danced rich! Moved prudent, but sure it has good rhythm.

I have seen that it had enough concerns: always be biologist, psychologist and gymnast was very fanatic of Nadia Com?neciy this 10-10 – 10 marked me of for life. On the other hand, my father was criminologist and biologist and small crazed I see him work. Psychology has always attracted me because I like to solve my problems: analyze why something hurts or search for the reason of a certain anguish until you find the heart of the matter. Psychology helps me to understand me.

And when he realized that he liked singing?When I was a child I sang in front of a mirror with a spoon. Then, the music is finished turning into my life.

He has also done television. Do we we will see in a soap opera?Do not rule out it provided I check that my time in a mini-series, for example. The problem of signing a telenovela is that you become a slave. You almost put chains on the feet.

Well, it is also a businesswoman. Does not arise produce his own series? of course! But remember that with me things take their time. It took me three years to get this album, three others to publish my book for children the good takes time and worth rest.

How it gives you time to do so many things and make compatible it with your family?My priority is my children, they’re in front of anything. But I have also extended another family around the world who are my fans. I communicate daily with them through social networks. All this I get it thanks to a team of people who cares for my children, my business, my radio program

It has been rumored that you raised the possibility of having another child. Is it true?I would love to, but the body is not already for that (laughs). If had begun to have them over 20 years, now itself would have six children as Angelina Jolie.

Thalia en Tenerife (11)

The external image transmitted from Mexico is a country with a lot of violence and drug trafficking problems. To what extent is that real?The media will always focus on the sensationalism and the dark side of things because that is what sells more. All countries have problems and centres where there are people who want to break the peace. As the flag of my country, I can do is to show that face of positivism of the Mexican who welcomes you and talk your meal. Beautiful things in his country: beaches, riches, gastronomy and I feel that spokesperson.

Do balance makes the management of its President Enrique Peña Nieto?Actually, I’d rather not get into these issues. My flag is the music and that is the only thing that I’m talking about.

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