‘I hope my kids become biologists or astronauts’ said Thalía

Fame has its price and Thalía knows it well, after an artistic career of more than 30 years that started when she was a little girl. So now that she’s a mom, the Mexican singer and actress is very careful about wanting such a future for her own two children.

“I hope my kids become biologists, psychologists or astronauts…” she sighed while expressing what she wished for her tots during an interview with EFE in Madrid.

Her latest album, “Habítame siempre”, is now being released in Spain and is a “more intense” kind of disc that combines her feelings at the loss of her mother in 2011 and the births of her children Sabrina Sakaë and Matthew Alejandro. “When I became a mother, everything changed”, the Mexican artist said.


She said that if they decide to follow in her footsteps at such an early age as she did with the Mexican group Timbiriche, she would support them, but said she would rather they just enjoyed their childhood.

“Not that I lost a big piece of mine, because for me it was a game, my mother and I were inseparable the whole time, but because I know what comes with that career and it isn’t easy”, she said.

The price one pays, she said, “are sleepless nights, not eating, not seeing your family… yes, you travel a lot and meet a lot of people, but when you’re back in your hotel room, you have no one, no applause, no people around, not a single ‘I love you’, nothing”, she said.