Thalia Returns With Her Tour “VIVA” After 10 Years

The time has come, the moment has come, it’s time for Thalia’s fans to enjoy the artist and her music more closely. After 10 long years of isolation from the stage, is the first time that Thalia will ascend the “train of the musical tours” with her new Tour “VIVA”, which promises to bring the world the best of the Mexican singer and actress.

As it was confirmed by Sony Music Mexico record label, it’s already been confirmed around 5 presentations that belong to Thalia’s “VIVA” Tour, among which may be mentioned the one; “March 24th in Chicago, “March 28th in Los Angeles”, “March 30th in Houston”, “April 3rd in New York” and “April 26th in Mexico City.” The data were confirmed at the time by the major Television network “Univison”, which also joined in with the joy of the fans with the good news offered by the singer.

Viva Tour

Sony Music confirmed that “VIVA” is the new musical tours for the singer after 10 years, which already has confirmed dates and which is intended to go to places like “United States”, “Mexico” and “South America” as it was clearly stated in a statement.  It was also confirmed by the same means that in the concerts that Thalia has planned to do with the tour “VIVA”, she will sing the greatest musical hits “Equivocada”, “Amor a la Mexicana” and “Arrasando”.

“I am very excited about this new tour.  My recent concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in  NY was a good taste of what is coming and I want to present the tour to my fans who have waited for it so badly,” said the also actress Thalia, who is counting the hours to present the tour “VIVA.”

Thalia has not surprised the world with this type of project since 2004, when she realized her tour “Alto Voltaje.” The singer who has sold 40 million copies of her album and recently earned triple platinum for her latest material “Habítame Siempre”, promised to give her fans what they have been waiting for so many years, her new artistic tour where she will sing her greatest hits.

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