Thalía enjoys Triple Platinum for ‘Habítame siempre’

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Thalía triumphed again in the recording market despite being involved in family disturbances. This is how the singer proves she has control over her artistic career, by obtaining this past week another “Platinum Album” for her record material “Habítame siempre”, which reached just over 180,000 copies sold since its release.

This new material from Thalía is considered the most important and complete, both in its musical line, as well as within the excellent music career of the singer up until this date. The project “Habítame siempre”, as confirmed by sources close to the singer, was recorded over a period of eight months, with a prepared musicalization between Los Angeles, New York and Mexico. In this album Thalía delights the nostalgic music lovers, followers of love, and those who are still suffering of a heartbreak, implementing a unique and incomparable style that only she can achieve.

Notably, her first single “Manías” positions itself at number one in the national radio stations, and “Habítame siempre”, her new production, is in second place with the most selling album as confirmed by AMPROFON. The album has extraordinary participations from Leonel García, Samo and Jesús Navarro in the song “Con los años que me quedan”, besides the participation from “Michael Bublé” with the cut “Te perdiste mi amor”, and “Dime si ahora” with the gentleman of salsa Gilberto Santa Rosa. Among the 15 songs that make up “Habítame siempre”, are great pieces such as “No soy el aire”, “Regalito de Dios”, “Tómame o déjame”.