Thalía partners with Pampers for ‘Mi Música, Mi Herencia’ program

Thalía has always protected her private life and kept it separate from her public persona. So it was particularly exciting to see the Mexican superstar display her motherly side during Pampers launch of their online initiative, Mi Música, Mi Herencia at the New World Symphony in Miami, Florida on Thursday, October 25.

She chatted with expectant mothers and posed for photographs with toddlers and their parents during this special event that celebrated Hispanic culture through music and dance.

We caught up with Thalía after the fun to hear about her upcoming studio release Habítame siempre what becoming a mom has meant to her, and what she loves about being Latina.

We are only a few weeks away from the release of your 11th studio album! What can we expect to hear?

I’m so excited because this album is a reflection of my soul right now. It’s so full of passion and light and represents my personal transformation.

Some of my accomplices who helped make this album a reality include Michael Buble, Robbie Williams, Gilberto Santa Rosa and a bilingual track with Prince Royce. There are a lot of collaborations in Habítame siempre and they are all with people who believed in the music.

Right now I feel like music is saturated with sounds created by computers, edited by Pro Tools, and feature lots of sound effects. So for me it was important to create live music with the use of a full band and with musicians who put their soul into their sound. This is the essence that I wanted to come across with this album.

There is a lot of buzz about the song “Dime si ahora” composed by (Spanish singer-songwriter) Beatriz Luengo. What can you tell us about it?

Beatriz composed the beautiful ballad that I sing with Gilberto Santa Rosa. [In the studio], Gilberto added his touch of salsa which took the song to a whole other level. It is an incredible track and I can’t wait for fans to hear it.

You have two beautiful children, Sabrina and Matthew, with your husband Tommy Mottola. What has becoming a mom meant to you?

Becoming a mom is the most unbelievable experience ever in my entire existence on this planet! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The care of my two children is an amazing responsibility and it brings us new adventures every day.

You are in fantastic shape! With such a busy schedule, how do you maintain your figure?

Discipline, discipline, discipline! I don’t put a focus on calories but on eating and feeling healthy. I eat vegetables, fruits, white meat, and whole grains. For exercise I enjoy yoga, power walking, and boxing.

What do you love about being Latina?

I love the confidence that Latinas have, we have a spark that shines from the inside out. No matter what the obstacle is before us, we always handle it with a smile.