Thalía talks motherhood and Elvis

When the diaper company Pampers asked Mexican singer and former novella star Thalia to take part in their “Mi Musica, Mi Herencia” initiative, she jumped at the opportunity.

“As a musician, trying to conserve my culture through music has always been one of my main concerns.”

“Mi Musica” which kicked off Thursday at the New World Symphony in Miami Beach, celebrates Hispanic culture through music and also includes a little “interactive” fun suitable for both mamis and their newborns.

We spoke with the mom-of-two (with hubby Tommy Mottola) before she took the stage and braved the nasty weather brought in by Hurricane Sandy.

thalia pampers

What are some of your favorite things about being a mom?

Probably playing with my kids. I love to go outside and dance in the rain and eat ice cream. To become a kid again. One of the most precious things, that I treasure everyday, is that they live in the moment.  My kids are like gurus to me. They become my teachers because they teach me how to just be present and to just be in the here and the now, and how to enjoy the simplicity of things.

What about the challenges?

It’s a life. You have a life in your hands and you can make something productive with that soul, and with that person or you could just destroy it. So I think it’s such a big responsibility for all of us mothers to be very focused and to be very clear with things like education.  And also to be fun and be a happy mother. You have to try to be the best version of yourself.

 Do you have any advice for new mothers?

I think the most important thing is to not become a super-mom. Just relax. Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. Try to understand that it doesn’t come with a manual or a guide, it’s something that has to come from within.  Also, try to find some time for yourself. It’s so important. Vent out for one to two hours a day if can. Take a hot shower, read a book, or listen to some music.  But make sure you make time for yourself. After, you will feel amazing.

 What’s your latest career news?

A:Wow, so many things. I’m very happy  right now.  I’ve been getting my new single out, it’s been out since last week and it’s called Manías. The album, ‘Habítame Siempre’ is coming out Nov. 19. I’m going  to start touring next year and I have a fourth book out next year.  It’s going to be a children’s book.  I just like to feel productive and live the fullest potential of my life, every moment that I can.

You have recorded so many duets throughout your singing career. What has been one of your favorite moments?

My album has duets with Michael Buble and Robbie Williams, who I’ve always admired.  And yesterday I did a duet with Tony Bennett on the “Today Show” which was an amazing experience.  But the most unique thing that happened was singing with Elvis Presley. It was two years ago on a a duet album he released.  Signing with his voice, even though he’s not here anymore, was such a unique experience.  Just thinking about it right now, and I have goosebumps. I felt his presence in the studio with me while I was singing. It was the most incredible thing that ever happened to me.