New Thalía disc is intimate, charged with emotion

Singer Thalia is to launch this November her new disc “Habitame Siempre” (Live in Me Always), a very loving production dedicated to her late mother, in which she is accompanied by some of today’s great artists.

About her first album in three years the Mexican artist told Efe that it is “without a doubt” the best of her triumphant career, during which she has sold more than 40 million discs.

“This disc found me at a crossroads in my life after recording ‘Primera Fila’ (Front Row). Three years ago I had the experience of life and death, loneliness and friends, light and shadows, happiness and nostalgia, and suddenly, to cure myself through music, which is something you can use to pour out all your emotions, a catharsis,” she said.

Thalia All

“The songs on the disc brought me complete relief, a disc that is without doubt the most reflexive, significant and impassioned of my whole career,” said Thalia, who in the past three years lost her mother Yolanda Miranda and had her second child, Matthew Alejandro.

She said that the entire disc is dedicated to her mother, “every song has something of her in it, and there’s a story of the two of us together.”

The new disc includes two songs sung in English and Spanish – “Besame Mucho” recorded with Michael Buble, and “Te Perdiste Mi Amor” (You Lost My Love) with Prince Royce.

Thalia said that the disc, of which the first single “Manias” is already being aired, is not directed at any specific audience because “music has no limits, borders or ages” and added that the work with her fellow singers went off without any particular complications.