Thalia Helps NYPD Commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

Mexican Singer-Actress Thalia Helps NYPD Commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Representation in the New York City Police Department Has Never Been Higher

PHOTO: Thalia models her NYPD Honorary Member commemorative jacket with (L-R) Detective Jeffrey Stella, president of the NYPD Hispanic Society; Police Officer Romulo Guerrero, Dominican Officers Organization; Lieutenant Robert Gonzalez, president of the Latino Officers Association and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly at the NYPD Hispanic Heritage celebration Tuesday. NYPD Photo Unit.

Commissioner Kelly said: “One of the great stories of Hispanic heritage in New York City has been written right here in the Police Department, where one in four members today is Hispanic – from the police officer rank to the upper ranks of the Department. October may be the month that formally celebrates Hispanic culture, but the NYPD recognizes this rich heritage every day around the city.”

At Tuesday’s event three Hispanic members of the service, Assistant Commissioner, Intelligence Division Lawrence Sanchez; Director of the School Safety Division Ramon Garcia, and President of the Policewoman’s Endowment Association, Detective Lina Santamaria, were recognized for their service.

Thalia was honored with a commemorative plaque and NYPD jacket by Commissioner Kelly and the leadership of the NYPD Hispanic Society, Dominican Officers Organization and Latino Officers Association. (See photos.)

Over 25% of the uniformed force, and 28% of the Police Officer rank specifically, is Hispanic. Since 2002, the number of Hispanics promoted to discretionary ranks above Captain in the NYPD has increased 53.8%. Twenty members of the service, from Deputy Inspectors to Bureau Chief, are Hispanic. Discretionary promotions below the Captain rank also have increased 51.8% compared with 2001.

The Department began to track the race of officers in 1970, when Hispanics represented 3% of the force.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Mexican celebrity Thalia celebrate the New York City Police Department’s extensive Hispanic membership. NYPD Photo Unit.