Thalía talked to People about her new album

Thalía held nothing back as she talked to People about her new album, her daughter, her husband, and even her rocky relationship with her estranged sister Laura Zapata. We also listen to her new single, Ten paciencia.

In the midst of promoting her most recent album, Lunada, Thalía took some days off to wind-down in, Aspen, Colorado, where she used to vacation with her family when she was 6 years old. Today, the Mexican singer likes to lose herself in the peace and tranquility that Aspen offers, but this time, she shares it with a new family that includes daughter, Sabrina Sakaë, and husband, Tommy Mottola.

It was from this northwestern locale that the 35-year-old actress talked exclusively to People and if she was anxious to talk about her new album, she was all the more enthused to discuss the most important thing in her life right now, her baby girl.

Tell us a little bit about your new record…

It’s a total beach album for the summer, for partying, that includes songs that were a part of my summer catalog growing up, like Juan Gabriel’s Insensible. On the other hand, there are strong and uplifting songs as well, like Ten paciencia or the song that I wrote for my daughter, Bendita. One of my biggest goals in life is not necessarily to sing or act, or be a great business woman–although that’s important–but to entertain and fill people with positive energy, and inject happiness into their lives. That’s what I wanted to do with Lunada.

How’s your baby?

She is beautiful, and strong, thank God. She’ll be 9 months on July 7, and she weighs 21 pounds. She’s a really happy little girl, ready for anything, and always humming.

Has she spoken her first words yet?

The first word she said was ‘Abba’, and in the Bible, Abba is a name for God. Abba is Father. So, basically, her first word was God, and that was huge for me.

And has she taken her first steps yet?

She’s crawling, but she can already stand on her feet, and I think any day now she’ll start walking. She divine, and wonderful! She’s everything.

Who does she look like?

She looks a lot like me when I was a baby, almost identical. But sometimes her eyes move around when she looks at something, and she reminds me of her father.

How’s Tommy as a dad?

He’s excellent. He’s 100 percent into being a dad and a husband. He’s the typical father who comes home and carries her and takes her around and shows her all the plants and flowers, and he puts her down to play with her toys.

When are you going on tour?

Right now I’m focused on promoting Lunada. I think I’ll start touring next year.

And when you do start touring, will you take Sabrina with you?

No, no, no, absolutely not. She has her routine. A baby needs to feel safe and secure, and have familiar surroundings. I don’t think it would be fair to take her back and forth and all over the place. You live like a gypsy when you’re on tour, and I don’t want to put her through that. I’ll leave for two or three days, and then come back home. But she’ll stay with her father and her grandmother.

When do you think you’ll start acting again?

At this time, I really don’t think I can make a serious commitment to do a soap opera. You have to dedicate so much time to working on set. I’m enjoying a delicious freedom as a singer, as a business woman, and all the creative things I’m doing editorially. And I wouldn’t be very productive on the set of a soap right now. But I’ll never say never. If there’s a role that really moves me, like when I did Marimar or María la del Barrio, I’ll take it on.

Tell us your secret for getting back into such great shape after your pregnancy

I’ll be honest, after I gave birth, I gave up sugar, white flour, white rice, and potatoes, and I ate vegetables, protein, like turkey, chicken, fish, brown rice, and wheat pasta, and some fruits that don’t have sugar like pears and apples. And gallons of water.

How many pounds did you lose after you gave birth?

I’ve never been obsessed with weighing myself. I embraced my pregnancy and the way my body changed, the way my belly and breasts grew. I loved how I looked. I was voluptuous, and when I had the baby, I prepared to detox my body and decided I’d eat a lot of organic foods, drink a lot of water, and take vitamins.

Now that you and your mother have tried to reconcile with your sister, Laura Zapata, how do you feel knowing that she doesn’t want to make amends with either of you?

I’ll tell you what, I’m really glad that my family, my immediate family, is able to share in everyone’s happiness. For instance, I’m happy to see Camila [Sodi] ready to have her own baby, to see my mom happy, and to see my other sisters growing up. In my life, I only make room for good things that are surrounded by positive energy, and I try to steer clear of problems and drama. So that’s how I live my life, and those who are in tune with the way I live my life are welcome, those who aren’t can keep on living the way they want.