Thalía featured in People en Espanol’s Most Beautiful People

Mexican singer Thalía Sodi, 36, who has been named People en Espanol’s Most Beautiful ‘Queen’, says motherhood makes you feel simply blessed.

It’s such a glorious phase in your life, so fascinating when you become the mother of a little human being. You feel blessed.


Thalía, who spends her time with her husband, music producer Tommy Mottola, 59, and daughter, Sabrina Sakaë, 6 ½ months, between Colorado, Florida, and New York, also is the host of her own radio show, ‘Conexion Thalía’ and has recently begun designing her own fashion line for babies.

In the end though, Thalía really is just looking forward to the show. Before Sabrina Sakaë was just the rehearsal. From Sakaë forward, it’s the show.