Thalía’s “Marimar” released on DVD just in time for Valentine’s Day

For the first time ever,
and after millions of requests, Xenon Pictures and Televisa Home
Entertainment bring to DVD one of the most beloved and enthralling novelas
of all time, MARIMAR. MARIMAR is the second installation of the famed
“Maria Trilogy” and provided its star, Mexican diva Thalia, an opportunity
to play dual roles as both Marimar and Bella Perez. It also gained her a
level of worldwide recognition never before seen in history.


MARIMAR also stars heartthrob Eduardo Capetillo (“Baila Conmigo”,
“Alcanzar Una Estrella”) and Chantal Andere (“Destilando Amor”, “Amor
Real”) and features an early appearance by award winning actor Fernando
Colunga (“Alborada”, “Abrazame Muy Fuerte”). The telenovela is also the
last one legendary actor Tito Guizar, who played Marimar’s adoring
grandfather, appeared in before his passing.

Originally airing on primetime in 1994, MARIMAR was filmed in various
locations including the breathtaking city of Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo in Mexico.
It was written by the acclaimed Ines Rodena (“Marimar”, “Marisol”) and
directed by Beatriz Sheridan (“Maria la del Barrio”, “La Usurpadora”).
After its release, the soap quickly became a smash hit breaking audience
records in the United States, Mexico, and Philippines among many other
countries. Its success was in part due to the soap’s exploration of family,
relationships, love, passion and socio-economic class issues. MARIMAR’s wit
and warmth won it a following of critics and viewers that bridged the
generational and gender divide in more than 150 countries worldwide.

The 3-disc DVD set, with more than 10 hours of content, is in Spanish
with English subtitles. MARIMAR is available at all major retail and online
stores, with a suggested retail price of $24.98.


Marimar is a beautiful young girl who lives by the sea with her elderly
grandparents. Because of her family’s poverty, she is forced to steal food
from the estate of the wealthy Santibanez family. Marimar is caught by the
foreman, and when she resists his advances, Sergio, the spoiled son of the
house, comes to her rescue. Realizing that Marimar has fallen in love with
him, Sergio gets an idea: His parents are withholding half of his
inheritance until he is married, and he can use Marimar to both placate and
shame them. Not only will he receive his entire inheritance, but he can
humiliate his parents by making “the dirty girl from the beach” their
daughter-in-law. But the abuse Marimar receives at the hands of her in-laws
is more than she can bear, and she runs away to the city, hoping to escape
the pain of her sham marriage. In the meantime, her birth father, an
extremely wealthy man, is searching for his long lost daughter.

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Running Time: 10 hours
Rating: TV-PG
Contains Special Features
Xenon Pictures/Televisa Home Entertainment
Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment