Thalía’s drive – “Nothing gets in the way of the diva’s crossover quest”

“I am an industry,” the sexy Mexican singer/actress confidently declares. The leggy pop idol is not blowing hot air, either.

A huge presence in Latin America for the past two decades – first as a child singer in Timbiriche, Mexico’s version of the Mickey Mouse Club and later as a telenovelastar – this one-name wonder has a clothing and accessories line, a perfume line and an eye wear collection.

Her self-titled Spanish magazine hits U.S. newsstands this week. And, if that weren’t enough, she just closed a deal to be the face of Hershey’s Kisses in the candy company’s new campaign to reach the Hispanic market.

On May 4th, Thalia’s U.S. “High Voltage” tour kicks off at the Beacon Theater. And the sultry Mrs. Tommy Mottola promises it will be the “sexiest, most energetic concert New York has ever seen – a love affair with my fans,” she gushes in anticipation.

The petite beauty talked candidly about vicious Latina stereotypes, babies, plastic surgery and more.


“It is not easy – not for someone who has a name or someone who is starting out. There are stereotypes – it’s like an invisible line, but somehow you have to find the energy to be strong, to be super-confident, no matter if you are in front of the president of the U.S. or anyone else.”

She remembered an unsavory moment during a magazine photo session.

“The photographer turned to me and said ‘You look soooo hot, you look like a hot tamale,”‘ she remembers. “I freaked out. Stood up and walked out. The editors were apologetic. I told the editors that they needed to employ educated, cultured, photographers.”

During the interview, her husband, the ex-Sony music chief, who also handles his wife’s licensing and branding deals, walks into the conference room, interrupting the interview.

“Are you telling her about the concert?” he gently reminds his wife/client. “Did you tell her how great it’s going to be?” Thalia says yes, but tells him we’ve moved on to other topics.

The ambitious entertainer says that April has been a blessing. Her magazine, Thalia – put out by American Media Inc., the publishers of Star Magazine – will be modeled after the successful Oprah magazine. She’ll grace every cover and interview fellow celebrities. J.Lo will be her first interview.


The idea of starting a family excites her, but she’s not quite ready, yet. “I want to have three and adopt one. But I am in no rush. Having children is a huge responsibility and I just don’t want to hand them off to a nanny or my mom to take care of them.”


“Since I was 9-years-old, I have been working, hustling to find my own projects – from telenovelas to record deals, etc. etc. Way before I met my husband. Now, with him, nothing has changed in that regard. Now I feel more creative and inspired to find new outlets.

“Much more than helping me in my career, Tommy understands me, my vision. He supports me. He encourages me to go for it. He is always on the margins but supporting me, emotionally and spiritually.”


“We found each other at a special moment in our lives and we are one. Our coupling was easy, organic.”

And the best thing about being married?

“To pretend that I am not married. Like we are on an adventure, a date. To pretend that we are lovers – it keeps the marriage alive, sexy.”


On Paulina Rubio, with whom she nearly came to blows – think Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears drama.

“I swear, te lo juro, there have always been rumors about me, this is another one. Media exaggeration.

“Paulina sent me flowers after she went to the launch of my record party, and on Valentine’s Day, I sent her a box of chocolates when her new record came out. So the two are now amigas?

“That is a strong word. Friendship is something that is cultivated. We met through celebrity events, like I met Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and when we see each other, we are cordial.”


The rumor that she’s had plastic surgery which has plagued her for a decade (that she removed a rib to have thinner waist) was put to rest.

“No. I’m a chava, a young one,” she says. But not opposed to enhancements in the future. For now, she’s taking good care of herself.

“I don’t smoke, drink. I exercise, drink lots of water, eat well, don’t sun. Me cuido.There’s a lot of things that I want to do.”

Fast Facts

* Favorite actor is Mel Gibson.

* Loves extreme sports – practices “Sivananda” yoga, rock-climbs, skis on snow and water, lifts weights, cycles.

* Was a tomboy as a kid.

* Turned down several movie offers because she will not do nudity.

* Collects stuffed animals (bears) and dolls – has over 500 Barbies.

* She’s a blogger: peek into her private life, with special notes to her fans and photos of her travels, dogs and hubby Tommy on her official web site.

* Wants to have three kids, will adopt one.

Her favorite album is Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

* Has 7 dogs – four Maltese, a Jack Russell Terrier and two Chihuahuas.

* Her three wishes are an end to all wars, homes for needy families and dignified, well-paid work for all.

* Prefers to play a good girl – but her favorite scenes in novelas are when she cat-fights and throws buckets of cold water on her co-stars.

* Her favorite book is the Bible.

* A proud Mexicana, Thalia, with the backing of her powerful husband, is lobbying Mayor Bloomberg to get her compatriots, the fastest-growing immigrant group in the city, their own parade.

* Says she’s able to squeeze editing her magazine into her busy schedule by taking her laptop computer everywhere she goes.

* Thalia wears the unmistakable red string bracelet of Kaballah. But she says she hasn’t converted. “Oh no, I believe very much in Jesucristo,” she says. “A close friend took me to the Kaballah Center and a rabbi offered a beautiful prayer as he tied it on. And I’ve kept it. I consider it a blessing.”

* Thalia says her husband has helped her growth as an artist and a person. “Much more than helping my career, Tommy understands me, my vision. He supports me. He encourages me to go for it. He is always on the margins, but supporting me, emotionally and spiritually.”