Interview with Thalía on Premio Lo Nuestro Awards


REPORTER: How does it feel to be married?

THALIA: I’m very happy….. (suddenly, Thalia said to her body guards,
“Don’t shove anybody!”.

THALIA: Thanks to all of you for all the support that you give to me. Since
the wedding where you were out of the church until here. Thanks a lot.

THALIA: I’m in love. We are very happy. We are still in our honeymoon . I’m
not pregnant, I still have my little waist. The babies will come in two
years if God wants and I continue “Arrasando” and I love you a lot, thanks
by being here.

I continue with “Televisa” we have a lot of plans , they gave me the more
expensive contract in the Televisa´s history and I don’t think that they
have more money to pay to someone else, but thanks a lot, take by your self
, thanks to TV Azteca.

The night of yesterday Thalia was a success with her reappearance, very slim
with her dancers and an extravagant look and she again was with the press
and she said:

THALIA: I’m in this moments still waiting for a good history/script. I want
to do a character that fills me that would make me say, I want to come in to
the set this moment but, until now, everything that I read doesn’t very much
to my liking.

THALIA: I’m a Maria. I was born in a wonder neighbourhood named Santa Maria
la Rivera in Mexico in “La Casa de Los Perros” and that it’s a neighborhood
of poor/middle class people and I grew up over there with my people. (I saw
the video tape of Thalia’s home in “La Casa de Los Perros” and in my
perspective, this home is quite very nice with many gold like figure cats
displayed in front of the house building that, you wouldn’t think of it as a
home from a poor family. I think Thalia was just being humble).

THALIA: My blood is of a Maria and like in my soap operas, all of them got
married with a prince.

REPRTER: Who commands in your house you or Tommy?

THALIA: What do you think?

REPORTER: You my queen.

THALIA: Of course, I’m very Mexican .

REPORTER: Someone saw your mother buying clothes for a baby.

THALIA: Maybe, its for someone else’s because, I’m not pregnant yet (she
showed her stomach). We want to have a wedding ceremony at Puebla, Mexico
which is one of my favorite cities and make a big Mexican party with tequila
and mariachi.