Impact of Thalía still strongly ringing in the Philippine Islands

After more than a year in absence from the Philippine T.V. screen, since late 1998, Thalia as “Rosalinda” which was premiered last January 10, proves time and again that she’s not just a fad to Filipinos’ highly tasteful choice in entertainment. Proof of this is that whenever there’s a new telenovela fromher being shown in the Philippines, her impact to the Filipinos is as alive, evident and as burning as it was since she appeared the first time on Philippine television in March 1996. Local T.V. shows from different local channels seems always eager to use her as either in mentioning her name, and or using her clips from “Rosalinda” in one of their episodes, and or using her songs in one of their dance numbers, and or using her as a spoof to the delight of the masses. Thalia really has made an indelible mark in our country and hoping for more Thalias to come. Will that impact produce a welcoming and fruitful result of another Thalia visit as hoped for by her millions of fans here in the Philippines? Time will only tell but, if ever she will not be able to visit us again, Thalia mania is as and will always be as alive in our minds and hearts.