Soaps star Thalía comes on strong

Saying she was ‘born sexy’, the Mexican actress-singer is looking to build her fan base in the United States

She plays a 16-year-old peasant girl in search of happiness on the smash Mexican soap opera Marimar, now airing weeknights on KMEX-TV Channel 34. But a poor peasant girl is not all that 22-year-old Thalía plays.

Off the set, she also plays a sex goddess and does so well enough to have become the throbbing hub of an entertainment empire spanning movies, television and music.

Thalía’s technique in an interview is to tease the inquisitor, telling the most outrageous tales about herself and seeing how much of it flies. During a recent two-hour conversation, she shared her wholehearted belief that she was ‘born sexy’ and that she cannot walk the streets of either Los Angeles or her native Mexico City without crazed admirers swooning over her and maintained that none of this is an act, it’s simply her lot in life.

She said all this not in the intimate confines of a private one-on-one meeting but in front of two publicists and her mother, who listened in from a nearby couch and didn’t volunteer a word until she was spoken to.